Why the 49ers wouldn’t be 0-5 if Colin Kaepernick was the starter

Niners Live makes bold statements, bold predictions, with bold out-of-the-box thinking. Not your ordinary Niners site, indeed, and this time there will be no exceptions to the rules or the norm — “Eyes Wide Open.” “Niners Live tells you like it really is:  Why the 49ers wouldn’t be 0-5 if Colin Kaepernick was the starter.


The unsolved mystery behind the 0-5 start

The San Francisco 49ers are 0-5 and yes, they have lost the last four games by a combined 11 points, however, there are no wins being placed in the win column for moral victories, indeed. But see the million dollar questions that have begun to surface amongst the sporting world and 49er fan base? What the “Faithful” and others really want to know is, should the 49ers really be 0-5 currently at this juncture of the rebuilding stage? And could this have been prevented? To answer these questions objectively, no the 49ers shouldn’t be 0-5, and yes, it could have been prevented. 

How so? Well, for starters, Niners Live first discussed why some fans wanted to see a Brian Hoyer and Colin Kaepernick battle that obviously didn’t happen by design, taking away any threat to Hoyer in the competition department, of course. That led to the predictions of why Hoyer and Kaepernick would be joined at the hip in 2017.  Now, after a 0-5 start, everyone is starting to have their eyes somewhat open to what Niners Live has been calling out from the very beginning; the deficiencies of Brian Hoyer holding back this offense, which includes his lack of ability to win games and being falsely sold as a better stop gap/bridge quarterback option than Kaepernick for the 49ers to win games in 2017. And yet, Hoyer still can’t silence his critics, can he?

It could have been prevented

Put your political or personal views to the side about Kaepernick’s protest of the racial injustice towards people of color and lack of equality in this country just for a second.  Now, see Kaepernick, the player, and athlete, with some more highlighted respect on his proven playing credentials/accolades as a quarterback, rather than a social activist, while in the same breath not favoring the incumbent and inefficient game manager in Brian Hoyer.

Then your eyes would see a quarterback in 2016 that had one of his best statistical seasons. In 11 starts, Colin Kaepernick threw for 2,241 yards, and 16 touchdowns with four interceptions. His passer rating was 90.7, his best rating since the 2013 season. How many interceptions has Hoyer had in five games? You, guessed it, four, already tying what Kaepernick did in 11 games. Stop it, just getting started…

Why the 49ers wouldn’t be 0-5 if Colin Kaepernick was the starter

Colin Kaepernick’s mobility and his ability to showcase his improvisational skills and a strong arm to go along with an improved supporting cast of weapons and better protection up front on the (O-Line) than last season in (2016) makes him a better viable option than Hoyer. As aforementioned, the 49ers lost four games by a combined 11 points, but Hoyer gifted those teams three interceptions while having three fumbles, his holding of the ball helped create lost yards by getting sacked, which helped stall and kill drives.

Important to note: The 49ers are scoring 17.8 ppg in 2017 and in 2016, 19.3 ppg (11 of which Kaepernick started). Hoyer’s 2017 completion % is 59.3, and Kaepernick’s in 2016 was 59.2 %. Brian Hoyer is no more accurate than Kaepernick is. In fact, Hoyer for his career is 59.5 % and Kaepernick comes in at 59.8 %. A key stat to know: Currently, Hoyer is converting only 30% of his third down attempts, ranking 31st in the entire league. Hoyer has in his career 48 TD’s against 30 int and 17 fumbles (via ESPN.com). 

Former 49ers’ head coach Chip Kelly was a horrible play caller that still managed to generate 19.3 ppg, but what if Kaepernick had head coach Kyle Shanahan calling plays? Wouldn’t Shanahan dial up plays that catered to his skill set? Why wouldn’t we expect anything less or different from the best offensive mind and scheme in the game? Says Bleacher Report analyst Dour Farrar’s rankings of the best offensive schemes in the NFL, “Wouldn’t sports fans want to see Shanahan work his magic with Kaepernick?”

There’s no question Kaepernick would have had this team at least 3-2 right now. He would have won over the Colts who wanted to give the game away, and against a struggling SeaHawks team where Hoyer seemed like a deer in the headlights having never played the Hawks before or on their own home field (advantage Kaepernick), and a rusty Cam Newton who led the Panthers in the season opener at Levi’s Stadium where mobility and the ability to improvise would have been huge for a win, just ask Russell Wilson, again (advantage Kaepernick).

Hoyer’s lack of mobility, accuracy, repetitive arm strength, improvisational skills, and especially leadership make him fall short on and to the level that Kaepernick could command in the 49ers’ locker room being the reigning award winner of the Len Eshmont Award given to him by his teammates. This award is given to the player who best exemplifies inspirational and courageous play. It’s the team’s most prestigious honor. Kaepernick would make everyone’s play around him better, as well as the offensive line, based on what Kaepernick brings to the table and where he last trended off in 2016.

Flowetry, the Kneel down

This isn’t an article protest, it’s a road test, sitting in an isolated chamber on an island with oneself while discussing fresh political and sports topics off the shelf, as a lone ranger in danger of losing a social media following and possibly being placed on the sports media blackball list… Now, I ask you? Will I be Colin Kaepernicked?

As, we’ve told you, the Faithful, many times before, this is Niners Live.

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