Why Brian Hoyer and Colin Kaepernick will be Joined at the Hip in 2017

Niners Live is at it once again from a different perspective, and lens, of course. Not to go D. J. Khaled on you, but here’s another “ONE” no pun intended: Why Brian Hoyer and Colin Kaepernick will be joined at the hip in 2017.


Coming from the depths of the red and gold sea of 49er fans across the world, and those that have reached out to Niners Live personally from our very own Bay Area back yard, everyone continues to talk about Kaepernick. He has been discussed and dialogued about on a multitude of levels the entire 2017 offseason, even more so than the incumbent and projected 49ers’ starting quarterback Brian Hoyer. Niners Live was first on the scene to advocate using our platform as a voice for the 49er fan base and the eternal questions/thoughts fans want to ask and have answered. This was apparent when, on February 17, 2017, we dropped: Why Fans Want to See Kyle Shanahan Work His Magic on Colin Kaepernick and on March 16, 2017, with: Why Some Fans Wanted to see a Colin Kaepernick vs. Brian Hoyer Battle.

Why not let them compete, you might ask? Was it about money? Was it about politics? Was it about scheme fit and familiarity? Was it about a new regime and new direction? Was it really about creating strong competition from top to bottom to put the right 53-man roster together? Was Kaepernick going to be a distraction? Would Kaepernick have beaten out Hoyer? Matt Barkley? Who knows? Who really has the answers to these questions? Will we ever know? What are your thoughts?

Does Kaepernick’s reputation and aura supersede him too much for Hoyer to shake in 2017?

Although the competition between Hoyer and Kaepernick never came to fruition, it didn’t stop every sports media outlet in the world either on a micro or macro level from talking about Kaepernick. His name has been ringing in the headlines 24/7, and is falling from the lips of a vast range of folks. Fans are having heated debates on social media about him. And there are others. Division rivals the Seattle Seahawks, who toyed with the idea of signing Kaep, and local media such as 49er beat writer Matt Maiocco. Forty-Niner players are talking, as well. One of these players is Marquise Goodwin who was vacationing with Kaepernick recently in Egypt, and San Francisco 49ers’ General Manager John Lynch, who offered an apology early this offseason to Kaep for the wrong narrative being put out there suggesting he didn’t want to play football. However, the talk didn’t stop there. In mid to late June 2017, the topic arose again, and Lynch had to address it once more to set the record straight (via Forbes.com).

Interesting to note: Head Coach Bruce Arians of the division rival Arizona Cardinals has been in the headlines lately regarding his outspokenness on Kaepernick: “If you’re not a No. 1 QB, it comes into play” (via www.si.com). Arians was referring to Kaepernick’s political stance on social injustice of people of color when he refused to stand up during the National Anthem and how that could be affecting his employment status as a quarterback in the NFL.

Why Brian Hoyer and Colin Kaepernick will be joined at the hip in 2017

If I captured and held your attention up to this point, you’re already seeing why these two will be connected all season one way or another. Believe it or not, and like him or hate him, Kaepernick has supporters that want to see him back in the NFL and re-signed by the 49ers. Hoyer will have to prove he can stay healthy, play well and at a high level with splash plays and pinches of brilliance to say the least. That equates to wins and fielding a competitive offensive unit that can put points on the board and help the 49er defense out in a complimentary fashion, if you will, unlike last year when the team played under former 49ers’ Head Coach Chip Kelly. If Hoyer’s play and leadership can’t make an impact and unite this 49ers team for the better and not the worse, then Hoyer will surely hear “We Want Kaep” cheers from fans in the stadium to local media to worldwide sports outlets writing about the possibilities of Mr. “Seven” rising yet again and flexing his biceps in the Bay Area.  To be continued…

In recent 49er news: Hoyer organized and led a three-day camp gathering of 49ers offensive players (per Matt Maiocco). Former 49ers’ quarterback and Hall of Famer Steve Young is still surprised Kaep is a free agent and sees things differently than former 49ers’ quarterback and Hall of Famer Joe Montana (per mercurynews.com). 

Note: The 49ers are scheduled to report to training camp in Santa Clara on July 27.

Please join us again soon on Niners Live, the home of the faithful fan and analyst from an objective/analytical lens, of course.

As always, keep your eyes wide open, 49er fans. Niners Live will be watching with you. #eyeswideopen and often imitated but never duplicated… Go Niners!

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    Meanwhile nobody talks about RGIII or Jay Cutler. Kaepernick’s equals. Only because they didn’t take a knee, people can see they’re ‘just bad QBs.’

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