Pierre Garcon is Channeling his Inner Anquan Boldin, “Big Brother Role”

Niners Live is following up its bag of under the radar topics during the 2017 offseason to bring you the latest developments. Through thorough observation, we are connecting the dots to bring you Pierre Garcon is channeling his inner Anquan Boldin “Big Brother Role”.


How did he get here?

On the eve of free agency, General Manager John Lynch and the San Francisco 49ers agreed to terms with Pierre Garcon on a reported five-year, $47.5 million contract with a signing bonus of $12 million. Garcon will undoubtedly be the leader of a revamped 49ers wide receiver corps because in comparison, none of the others come close as far as career numbers or overall experience. Garcon will bring the veteran savvy and overall passion to the table that has been lacking since the departure of Mr. “unnecessary roughness” himself Anquan Boldin at the end of the 2015 season.

Important to note: In 132 games played over the course of his nine-year career, Garcon accounted for 564 receptions for 7,068 yards at a 12.5 yard per catch average, with two of his best three seasons coming under Head Coach Shanahan as offensive coordinator in Washington from 2012-13 (per Pro Football Focus).

Channeling his inner Big Brother Role

Garcon will be relied upon heavily to mentor and serve as a role model the same way Boldin did as he took players such as Michael Crabtree under his wing during his time as a 49er. You can see why WR coach Mike Lafleur and Coach Kyle Shanahan wanted to bring in Garcon; not just because of his familiarity with the offense, but also to be an extension of the coaching staff throughout the season to help make the transition a much smoother process for the younger receivers on the team.

Recently, Pierre Garcon spoke on the young WR corps, most notably about Trent Taylor and Marquise Goodwin , and being compared to Anquan Boldin (via 49ers.com).

A leader by Example

In comparison, Garcon and Boldin both bring energy, passion and toughness that is contagious amongst their teammates and to the sport of football. Last season, Garcon led the Washington Redskins with an impressive 79 receptions with 52 accounting for first downs. While Boldin, in his 15th season in the league, led his team, the Detroit Lions, with the most receiving touchdowns and finished with eight (ESPN.com).

Garcon is joining the Niners at almost the same stage Boldin did. From 2013-2015 Boldin led the team in receptions and was the unsung leader of the 49ers receiving corps. Not only has Garcon been compared to Boldin for his physical style of play, and his work ethic, he even admitted in the aforementioned video how many have said “he reminds them of Boldin, and that the two share a close relationship off the field and work out together frequently.”

Garcon brings the same level of professionalism and high character veteran presence that Boldin did, and he is an upgrade to the cast of mediocracy the 49ers had last year. Hopefully, for the new regime, that translates over to wins once the new season gets underway.

On a Niners Live Bonus side note: Boldin and Garcon go the extra mile off the field with charitable foundations to help children in their hometown communities. Check out q81.org and www.pierregarcon15.com and see for yourself.

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