Niners Live: Are You the Biggest 49er Fan? Subscriber to Niners Live?

Niners Live would like to recognize the biggest 49er fans and loyal supporters of Niners Live by giving away FREE movie tickets or a gas card for the month of November.


November is the month of giving, of being unselfish, supportive, loyal, unified, and showing solidarity. And that’s why at Niners Live we felt it was only fitting to take the time to show our appreciation to our fellow 49er brothers and sisters to show our gratitude as a family should do.

That’s why we decided to put our money where our mouth is. Our model is simple: “We don’t talk about it, we ARE about it.” About what? Action and 100 % authenticity when it comes to our faithful 49er family and expressing our views of the state of our beloved franchise, the San Francisco 49ers.



Are you the Biggest 49er fan? Subscriber to Niners Live?









Would you like to go to the movies with your significant other? Or on a casual date? Or how about a $25.00 gift/gas card to help you get to and back from work for a couple of days or so? Would that work for you? Would you be interested? That’s a pretty good deal, right?

So what’s the catch-22?

Okay, you caught us red-handed—there is a catch-22. All Niners Live wants from you to qualify and have a chance to win free movies tickets or a gas card is? Subscribe to Niners Live, share at least one post a week on the social media outlet of your choice for the month of November, then send us an email on our contact page at on what makes you the number one 49er or 49ers’ fan! How long have you been a fan? Who’s your current favorite player? What city/state are you from or reside in? What do the 49ers mean to you?


Let us know in your own words and don’t hold back your passion for your beloved team—the San Francisco 49ers!










Disclaimer and important to note: Niners Live has a two fan limit giveaway that will be awarded to each fan that meets the criteria as aforementioned above in the first week of December 2016. Once the two winners are announced, Niners live will do two featured articles on the two 49er faithful/Niners Live subscribers/supporters in December. Details of how the gifts will be delivered will be discussed further via email.


Thank you, for your time and patience. GO NINERS!!!!


Written by Niners Live and approved by Irvin Johnson and Jimi Payne, Staff Writers at Niners Live. Always remember, 49er fans, Niners Live—”Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated.”

P.S— “Eyes Wide Open.”