John Lynch: New Culture, New Energy, New Attitude; Equals–New Hope!

Niners Live takes readers and fellow 49er faithful on a locomotive train full steam ahead through the tracks and underground railroads of 49ers’ General Manger John Lynch’s brick by brick culture, new energy, and new attitude which continues to foster New Hope for the San Francisco 49ers’ fan base and community.


When it comes to laying down a new foundation of positive culture, new energy, and a new competitive attitude to go along with a high level of accountability, John Lynch was just what the 49er doctors ordered, which Niners Live fully expected to happen when he was first hired as the San Francisco 49ers’ GM. See he wasn’t new to this, he’s been actually quite true to this (while on his College/NFL journey) and without question.

New to what you say?

Stay with me, I’ll cover that shortly… Lynch knew all too well about championship winning culture/success and how to implement his grinding style, “Brick-By-Brick” with layers of toughness, dog mentalities, communication, transparency and camaraderie amongst players, front office executives, coaches, and ownership to be forged as one, kind of like the Wolverine Adamantium exoskeleton, “Indestructible.”

Sound familiar?

Lynch has ties to the great 49er legendary coach Bill WalshMike ShanahanJon Gruden and Tony Dungy just to name a few; all these great coaches and some of who were also former front office executives that have Super Bowl rings included on their resumes and one way or another have ties to Bill Walsh or the 49ers. No doubt, Lynch took something from all these coaches to sharpen his toolbox and prep himself unofficially for this very moment – the task of attempting to restore the 49ers to their promised land of greatness something he only solidified more at the State Of The Franchise via the team’s website.

Some might say it was in the cards, heck, maybe even destined for him to lead at this highest level and stage. Although he hasn’t won a game yet under his watch or any of his players, he’s had a hand in drafting has made the Pro-Bowl or played a single regular season down yet in the NFL, for that matter, truth be told it doesn’t really matter, you know why?

Because the 49er fan base and the sporting world are excited and want to see the 49ers rise again to greatness and have something to hang their gold rush hats on. And that, my friend, is a “New Hope”, courtesy of Mr. Tone setter himself, John Lynch.

In Lynch the Faithful Trust

John Lynch embodies the very essence of fabric that the 49ers were originally cut from (family oriented atmosphere). For lack of a better word he’s, “sincere” and “real” ala Mr. Eddie Debartolo Jr. former 49er owner; which bodes well for players and the 49er fan base as they embrace this new found hope and beginning. This is also something that was highlighted on the State Of The Franchise via the team’s website (sorry check and balance).

Lynch’s presence has sent enthusiastic shock waves of a common theme or should I say the new narrative throughout the 49er faithful hearts of fans and players by way of building and trying to establish foundational pillars like “restoration” and “synergy” within the building and throughout social media, as he continues to connect a bridge with the fans and the community, as well.

Interesting to note: Greg Cosell of NFL Films has echoed some of those same sentiments in his own words in a recent interview with senior, reporter Joe Fann.

Please join us again soon on Niners Live, the home of the faithful fan and analyst from an objective/analytical lens, of course….

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