Front Office Draft Assessment Report: Featuring G.M, “John Lynch”

Niners Live gives fans what they’ve been waiting for: an all out front office assessment on general manager John Lynch’s first draft debut.


John Lynch and the front office draft assessment report: Brought to you by the Niners Live team from an objective, real, raw and uncut lens perspective…

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Niners Live Staff Writer-Analyst: jpninerslive

“New GM John Lynch executed his first draft like a seasoned veteran. He executed two of the biggest steals of the draft; receiving three picks to move down one spot from the Chicago Bears, and then drafting the highest rated inside line backer prospect in Reuben Foster with the 31st pick. The offensive players possess skill sets that will thrive in Shanahan’s offense. The first round defenders, Solomon Thomas and Foster, are studs, and the later round defensive selections have the potential to be solid contributors. The acquisition of picks for the 2018 draft are the icing on the cake.” Grade: A  Jimi Payne

Niners Live Staff Writer-Analyst: ijninerslive 

“In the inaugural draft for the 49ers new regime, for the most part, they did a decent job of acquiring solid talent to build upon for the future. With a lot of pressure to make the right call with the number two overall pick, GM John Lynch used his leverage to wheel and deal for the players atop the teams draft board, drafting Solomon Thomas, but also picking up an extra pick they used later in the round to get another one of their top prospects in Foster. Not too shabby for a first-time GM. In my opinion, they missed out on an opportunity to draft a true number one WR and a franchise signal caller. However, the influx of talent added at RB, TE, and at numerous positions on the defense such as DL, CB and LB, the new additions should make the competition very intriguing. Overall, I give the 49ers a B- grade for the 2017 draft.” Irvin Johnson

Niners Live Staff Writer-Analyst: kmninerslive

“It’s been said that championships are won in the off season. Well, the new San Francisco regime is off to a great start attempting to do just that. Adding two impact players (Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster) to the front seven instantly boosts production and talent on the roster. They also addressed multiple needs on offense and special teams via late round picks and undrafted free agents. Defense seemed to be the focus, but the new regime also added potential key contributors on offense, as well, to help take pressure off the defense. All in one weekend. The future is bright.” Grade: A- Kevin Mitchell

Niners Live Staff Writer-Analyst: EdE_Ninerslive

“Drafting like this was his 5th or 6th draft, Lynch and company mastered this draft and built a nice opportunity for next year acquiring five picks in the first 3 rounds.” Grade,  A. Edward Erving

Niners Live Senior Writer-AnalystFounder: QLive/Niners

“Defense wins championships, and John Lynch knows that better than anyone in the front office. Therefore, six of the 10 picks (Solomon, Thomas and Reuben Foster dog mentality players), to name a few, were dedicated towards defense, an area where the 49ers lost respect amongst the league/their peers the last couple of years by being the worst in that area. But maybe even more impactful, was that the defense confidence was shattered and defeated more than any other unit on the team. This (2017 draft class was a step in the right direction in changing that). Throw in the mix six trades/wheeling and dealing that help net draft collateral picks for next year (2018), and address depth needs at just about every position (overall on paper, quality draft mission accomplished). The cupboard looks plenty full of groceries for the future.” Grade A- Sequoia Sims


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The Niners Live team would also, like to recognize and thank Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of Football Operations, Paraag MaratheVice President of Player Personnel Adam PetersSenior Personnel Executive  Martin Mayhew, Director of Football Administration and Analytics Brian Hampton and last but not least, Mike Williams, Director of Pro Personnel on a job well done…. Author, Editor Niners Live.

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