Deshone Kizer: Raw with Prototypical Size and Extreme Upside

Niners Live has kept a heartbeat on the quarterback prospects coming out of the draft in 2017. Now we bring you our featured article of the week: Deshone Kizer: Raw with prototypical size and extreme upside.


Could 49ers’ head coach Kyle Shanahan be looking for the prototypical size and extreme upside to match? Look no further then? Deshone Kizer? Time to go deep….

The heart and discipline of a champion:

Kizer, per, is the 26th overall best prospect and ranked the 3rd best quarterback in this years 2017 draft. At least that’s how see’s it. Kizer, in the path to the draft, featured a little more adversity than any of the other Top QB’s in the draft. “Kizer rose to the occasion exceeding expectations while showcasing some impressive mental toughness. Kizer lead the Irish to a 9-2 record, taking over for injured starter Malik Zaire in 2015 and amassing 2,884 yards, 21 touchdowns passing, and 520 yards rushing to go along with ten rushing touchdowns (18 in his career). Kizer was a great fit in Notre Dame’s zone-read scheme and consistently held off competition from Zaire despite questionable support from Head Coach Brian Kelly.”

Kizer has already learned life skills from parents Derek and Mindy Kizer. His father Derek is a police officer and his mother Mindy is a court bailiff. Can you say discipline? Yes, you can.

Kizer’s parents were so committed to grooming their son to be an educated and elite athlete that they sprang for a private high school. When Central Catholic, a local football powerhouse, came inquiring about their son, Derek and Mindy decided to bite. Football it was. I bet today they couldn’t be happier with their decision (

The stature prototype you’re looking for:

Projected to go in the 1st round of the NFL draft, DeShone Kizer acted as if he has been here before, passing an early phase in his performance at the NFL Scouting combine with flying colors, at least where 49ers General Manager John Lynch is concerned, who said, “He blew the doors off.” ( Lynch also went on to say “He’s an impressive young man,” clearly setting himself apart from the competition with his daunting size, coming in at 6’4 and 233 pounds. When you are vying to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, physical attributes and mental toughness are undoubtedly some of the things that stand out the most. Kizer, if still available, could end up as a steal for the 49ers with the 34th overall draft pick. However, Kizer is shooting up the draft boards and if he is truly the guy the 49ers have an eye on, they must make a move to trade up and draft him. Wouldn’t you agree? Hold that thought…..

Allow me to leave to you with this:

With the 49ers amid a full-scale rebuild and in desperate need of a signal-caller, securing one will be amongst the top of the priority list when the draft comes around next month in April.

Could the man behind door number one be Deshone Kizer, whose alma mater is the same as Jed York and family as well as the Greatest QB of all time, Mr. “Joe Cool” Montana, all fighting Irish themselves? The 49ers have had a good history with drafting players from Notre Dame, don’t you think? Can Kizer step in and be the next great producer? With the projected/ incumbent starter Brian Hoyer (6’3”, 215 lbs) at the helm who recently became the 1st quarterback on the 49ers new roster of the 2017 season. Hoyer signed a two-year, $12 million contract with the 49ers, with $9.85 million of the contract fully guaranteed at signing. Hoyer can earn $400,000 per year in per game active bonuses. Incentives can increase the contract value to a maximum of $18.5 million. If Hoyer is named the starter, he will earn $9 million a year which will rank him as the 28th highest paid of 81 quarterbacks (

Could Kizer compete against Matt Barkley to be his backup in 2017?

After all, Kizer does possess the mental toughness of a veteran signal caller and he has all the physical attributes to go along with it. He sure sounds like the answer, right? Well, the next few weeks will certainly give us a clearer picture and an opportunity to see how this high upside/untapped potential prospect could emerge as the clear-cut front-runner to be selected in the draft between the late first round to second round.

As always, keep your eyes wide open, 49er fans. Niners Live will be watching with you. #eyeswideopen and often imitated but never duplicated… Go Niners.

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