Welcome to Niners Live! This site is a platform and a gold rush vessel to discuss the latest 49ers news and objective opinions from a different perspective. It is also a check and balance of resources from credible sources of one of the most historic franchises in all sports, the San Francisco 49ers. 



 Niners Live is very passionate and dedicated to providing in-depth analytical thinking, pre-post game breakdowns, player and position scouting reports, comparison player breakdowns, offensive and defensive scheme breakdowns and more.



 This site serves as a 49ers golden gate community bridge for like-minded die-hard fans across the world to cross over as one; through negative publicity, speculation, and nonwinning seasons; to triumphant victories of historical moments of our past, present, and future; to help strengthen our bond of understanding, while promoting unity and camaraderie amongst our beloved fan base.



 Niners Live is inspired by, but in no way shape or form affiliated with NFL Live, my favorite show on ESPN.com.

 As a bonus, Niners Live brings an added dimension to the table by delivering a rare component that’s often overlooked in sports. What’s that you say?

 Niners Live studies and breaks down behavioral tendencies, trend patterns, interpersonal skills of players/coaches, and offers profound and objective-analytical-thinking, that gives fans an outside-the-box perspective.  How is this relevant? Sports has an underrated and unappreciated relationship component to it, one that we value and don’t overlook.

 If an offensive lineman doesn’t like his quarterback, does he go all out to protect him, or pick him up after a sack or knockdown?

 Does a quarterback have a good to a healthy working/interpersonal relationship with his wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs? Do you think that matters and translates to production on the field? We believe it all ties in from every aspect.



Bay Area native born and raised a die-hard 49ers fan for over three decades, with strong ties to the community. Well-versed in all sports, in general, especially the 49ers. To add over 750,000 worth of games/coaches film tape, interviews pre/post, drafts, free agency, having analyzed, studied and broken down. Also, sports blogger with a fundamental understanding of Pro Football Scouting. And a background in behavioral management in the study of human tendencies.  



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