49ers: Why Marquise Goodwin Deserves a Contract Extension

Niners Live, back on October 5th, 2017, called out Marquise Goodwin for being a model of inconsistency. And now we give credit where credit is due: Why Marquise Goodwin deserves a contract extension.


First and foremost, Forty-Niner Faithful, we are fully aware that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Carlos Hyde deserve new, long-term contracts in the offseason at the right price, but will they re-sign Hyde? We’ve asked this recently on Niners Live. But there’s someone else that needs to be given a call out in the contract extension department, and that’s Marquise Goodwin. 

Let’s Recap how we got here

The San Francisco 49ers signed the world-class speedster to a multi-year contract. Marquise Goodwin, who reportedly signed for $6 million, gets a $2.5 million signing bonus and is guaranteed $4.45 million. Salaries are $1.95 million, guaranteed, $1.45 million incentive annually and a $50,000 workout incentive annually (per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle). 

Why Marquise Goodwin deserves a contract extension

He’s battled through adversity on the field with drops, lack of impact and production early on and midway through the season. And who can forget the recent tragedy he and his wife faced with the loss of their baby boy due to complications in a premature delivery. Later Goodwin revealed that his prematurely-born son died just hours before kickoff in the game vs. the New York Giants (per FoxNews.com).  Our hearts and prayers go out to Goodwin and his family from Niners Live.

How did he respond? He caught a pass from backup quarterback C.J. Beathard and ran the ball 83 yards into the end zone and fell to his knees in prayer as his football family of brothers embraced him with love and support during the emotional celebration.

A month later, Goodwin faced adversity yet again with the loss of his biological father. And how did he respond? Goodwin took the field that Sunday against the Tennessee Titans and had a career day making 10 catches for 114 yards. 

Important to note: Goodwin is 66 yards away from a 1k yard receiving season, the first of his career, which he’ll reach vs. the Rams. Per Spotrac.com, the Niners have $117.9 million of cap space heading into the 2018 season. Are your eyes wide open? 

The one player who has benefited the most since the arrival of Jimmy G has been Goodwin. In the last four games, Goodwin: 38 targets, 27 catches, and 356 yards. On the season Goodwin has accounted for 54 catches (2nd on the team), 934 yards (leads the team) at 17.3 yards per catch (also leads the team) on 101 targets and 1 TD in 15 starts. Out of Goodwin’s 54 catches, 44 have been for first downs (first on the team) at a percentage rate of 81.5. Along with 7 catches of 25+ yards or more. He’s also chipped in 3 rushes for 34 yards.

How Goodwin is underpaid based on the market: 

Kenny Stills signed a 4-year, $32,000,000 contract (can be voided after 2 years) with the Miami Dolphins this past offseason, including a $7,000,000 signing bonus, $19,950,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $8,000,000. Stills, who is a starter and speedster, has currently accounted for 55 catches for 813 yards at 14.8 yards per catch on 99 targets and 6 TD’s. Stills was coming off a season (2016) where he caught 42 balls, 726 yards at 17.3 and 9 TD’s that earned him that new contract. He’s 25 years of age, but also is in his 5th year, like Goodwin, and has never had over 63 catches and 1k yards receiving in a season. The only thing he has over Goodwin that jumps out is touchdown catches.

I’ll close with this

Marquise Goodwin, at age 27 and based on the indisputable evidence and summary of statistical facts, has clearly outperformed his contract and is underpaid based on the market. He also fits the mold of the football character and culture that the 49ers are trying to build.

Goodwin was presented with the Garry Niver Award by on behalf of San Francisco 49ers chapter of PFWAwriters, represents professionalism and cooperation with media.

Goodwin has improved his route running tree and is no longer just a deep threat since he goes over the middle now. And if he goes into 2018 just on the 1-year deal left remaining on his contract, it could prove to be costly (above or at the real market value based on his production) for the 49ers on the back end.

Why? Because if he’s lighting it up ala… putting up productive numbers comparable to an NFL starter, or #1 wide receiver with Jimmy G in a small sample size now, then look out 2018 with a full offseason and regular season under his belt. And the 49ers already feel he’s yet to reach his potential or touch the surface as head coach Kyle Shanahan pointed out during this 4-game win streak. Then you must sign him to an extension (at just below market value now) this offseason and allow him to grow with your franchise quarterback while both are in their prime of their careers. Just like the 49ers did when they signed nickel back K’Waun Williams (age 26) to an early 3-year contract extension.

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