49ers: Trent Taylor has Crossover Slot Moves Much like Allen Iverson

Niners Live comes with a new fresh to death concept and analogy: Trent Taylor has crossover slot moves much like former NBA player and M.V.P Allen Iverson. 


Up Close and Personal

Recently, the San Francisco 49ers and new regime consisting of General Manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan displayed their gratitude and appreciation for the 49er faithful when they held an open practice on August 5, 2017 which included all you can eat food and free access to the 49ers’ museum. It gave fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with players, coaches, fellow faithful and to see a live practice consisting of one-on-one drills, 7 on 7, 11 on 11, two-minute drills and more. As this Bay Area native and Niners Live analyst/writer was present at this memorable event and sitting very up close and personal to the football field, I couldn’t help but notice a player that reminded me of some notable veteran impact NFL players with a similar skill set as we recently discussed on Niners Live: WR Trent Taylor has Julian Edelman and Taylor Gabriel-like Traits.

Trent Taylor’s Killer Crossover was Allen Iverson (Ish)

Yes, several players stood out, no doubt, in the open practice session. However, there was only one that looked like he could play point guard in the NBA just off natural quickness, speed, stutter steps, obedient body control, jukes and double moves alone. Much like A.I. did to the great Michael Jordan as seen in this flash back video clip. Faithful, hear me loud and clear, I was a witness on this particular one-on-one drill in which Taylor did a double move, crossed over, and stopped on a dime to come back and  get clear and present separation while shaking the defensive back out of his shoes and simultaneously plucking the ball out of mid- air with one hand. It’s safe to say that the defensive back reminded me of Elvis Presley, “He was All Shook Up” no pun intended, of course.

Draft status – the recap

Trent Taylor, all 5’8 and181 lbs., was drafted by the 49ers in the 5th round out of Louisiana Tech, Taylor excelled in his four years at Louisiana Tech. In his senior year he led the nation with 1,803 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. He finished second in receptions with 136. Taylor has exceptional hands and is a terror after the catch.

During training camp he’s been as advertised

Even with facing the hard-hitting dog days of camp with pads on, it hasn’t fazed Trent Taylor one bit, in fact, he’s been an inhuman like video game–juke move–joy stick to watch, and waiting to happen, again no pun intended. Niners Live has been tracking the rookie’s developmental stage throughout camp like no other when we brought you: Training Camp Battles; What we Know so far Featuring WR’s and TE’s and it didn’t stop there, as we also told you how he would be utilized: Expect a Slot Machine by Committee Approach by Kyle Shanahan.

Bonus feature: Taylor’s camp highlight reel seen here.

Crossover, the Killer Close

I personally watched as Shanahan’s offense in open practice deployed several crossing/drag routes, quick/bubble screens, motioning out of the back field and flare routes in space that took advantage of Taylor’s skill sets and talents to create extreme mismatches and nightmares for opposing defenses. But I’m here to tell you that wouldn’t even be possible without that unmatched lateral quickness and sick killer crossover he possesses as he continues to do his damage coming out of and playing from the slot.

Niners Live mail bag: Is Trent Taylor the answer to Shanahan’s slot questions? Well so far if we had to go off practice, no pun attended A.I. Then you would have to say yes, he is.

On a Niners Live side note:

49ers: Recent transactions, injury updates, unofficial depth chart and observations from training camp 08/09/2017.

As always, keep your eyes wide open, 49er fans. Niners Live will be watching with you. #eyeswideopen and often imitated but never duplicated… Go Niners.

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