49ers: Message To The L.A. Rams, Carlos Hyde Is Coming Full Steam Ahead

San Francisco 49ers featured running back Carlos Hyde is expected to get his lion’s share on the carries on Monday night against the L.A. Rams. His message? “I’m coming.”


Monday Night Football is soon upon us. It’s the San Francisco 49ers vs L.A. Rams—sounds like a heavyweight fight, huh?

Yes, indeed, it does with a matchup of physicality, toughness, power, and strength.Sound like anyone we know?

How about 49ers featured running back Carlos Hyde who likes to challenge your mental make-up and see if you lack the courage to stand “toe to toe” with him for 60 plus minutes.

He feels running out of bounds and not fighting for more yards is showcasing fear to his opponent, and that simply isn’t in his DNA makeup as a man and as a football player.

Important to note: Hyde against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night’s opener totaled 168 yards on 26 carries for a 6.5 average and two touchdowns. Via, ESPN.com.

Could we see a repeat performance of last Monday Night Football?

We very well could see a repeat performance or close to it, but one thing we can expect is for Hyde to bring his lunch pail and go at Rams defenders full steam ahead with violent contact on his mind at all times.

Carlos Hyde’s 2015 season highlights, the recap:

Final thoughts on Carlos Hyde:

Head coach Chip Kelly will deploy a running back by committee approach, but I fully expect Carlos Hyde to get his touches and the lion’s share of the carries.

The Rams have a relentless front four starting with pro bowl and all-pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald who knows how to get to the quarterback, amassing 20 sacks over the last two years.

The 49ers will have to lean on the offensive line and Carlos Hyde to help neutralize the Rams pass rush as best as possible. Hyde seems fully recovered from a recent concussion and all signs are go for him playing against the Rams.

If Carlos Hyde can stay healthy for a full season, there’s no reason to have any doubt he can’t accomplish his goal of 1,500 yards. Hyde with his soft hands will act as a safety valve coming out the backfield for the quarterback,  Blaine Gabbert.

All records, statistics, and accolades are courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.com, Pro Football Focus,49ers.com, ESPN.com , NFL.com unless otherwise indicated.