49ers: Head Coach Chip Kelly, “Players Focused On 2016 Season.”

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, “players focused on 2016 season opener against Los Angeles Rams.”



The San Francisco 49ers are focused on football, and they should be, although it seems like there’s a lot of social and political distractions surrounding this team, an obvious understatement of course.

However, Kaepernick is still a football brother and a member of the 49ers family, like it or not. 

Here’s what Chip Kelly had to say, about Kaepernick: Via, The team’s website, by senior reporter Taylor Price.

“I think when you talk to our players, they’re focused on the 2016 season and how good the San Francisco 49ers can be,” Kelly said. “Like we’ve said all along, we recognize his right to express his feelings. … We’re all about preparing for the Chargers game this Thursday and then the (Los Angeles) Rams when the season opens up.”

“When he’s here he’s all about ball, and he’s been great with that,” Kelly said of Kaepernick.


Recap of NaVarro Bowman comments on Kaepernick:
“Every guy on this team is entitled to his opinion. We’re all grown men. We play the ultimate team sport. And we ask a lot of guys to come together, no matter what their beliefs are, no matter how they were brought up, to have one common goal, and that’s to win football games. Anything outside of that is not really important to the team. We just continue to stress that.

Closing thoughts:

Although the overall consensus has been, the 49ers will be terrible this season, on the flip side the social/national media backlash could galvanize this team and bring players closer together.

As a 49ers fan for decades, I stand united and support the 49ers team I grew up loving as a child. Simply put, “you have to be true to this, not new to this” it’s a golden gated fan community way of life.