49ers: Goodwin and Robinson have been Models of Inconsistency

Niners Live presents the model of inconsistency free agency awards; going to none other than fellow wide receivers Marquise Goodwin and Aldrick Robinson. Why not Brian Hoyer too? Well, we covered him recently when we dropped: Are Brian Hoyer’s Deficiencies a part of the problem on offense?


Let’s Recap how we got here

The San Francisco 49ers signed a pair of speedsters to multi-year contracts. Marquise Goodwin, who reportedly signed for $6 million, gets a $2.5 million signing bonus and is guaranteed $4.45 million. Salaries are $1.95 million, guaranteed, $1.45 million incentive annually and a $50,000 workout incentive annually (per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle). And Aldrick Robinson, who signed for up to six million over two years (per National reporter for NFL network and NFL.com Mike Garafolo).

The career recap by the numbers prior to joining the 49ers

First upMarquise Goodwin:

Since being drafted by the Bills, Goodwin’s role has increased each year. Goodwin played 12 games in 2013 during his rookie season, amassing 17 receptions for 283 receiving yards. He also had 16 kickoffs with return opportunities totaling 351 yards. His sophomore and junior seasons during 2014-15 were cut short due to numerous injuries, including a concussion, ankle and rib injuries and a pulled hamstring (Foxsports.com). In 2016, he returned to put up some pedestrian numbers, although still career highs, by contributing three touchdowns and 29 receptions for 431 yards. Goodwin also set a Bills franchise record when he hauled in an 84-yard pass from Quarterback Tyrod Taylor in Week 2 against the New York Jets.

Interesting to note: Goodwin, in 2016, appeared in 15 games and started nine of those contests. He was targeted 68 times and only caught 29 of those targets for a 42.6 catching percentage. Question for you. How do you start nine games and only average 28.7 yards a game? Fast forward to 2017, through the four games under Goodwin’s belt, on all starts, he’s averaging 31.75 yards a game. Look familiar? Goodwin has (6) career touchdowns in (43) career games played and (14) of them he started. I wonder if the 49ers knew that before they brought in Goodwin? Oh, are your eyes wide open? Don’t answer that……

On a Niners Live side note: Both Goodwin and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan played wide receiver at the University of Texas under head coach Mack Brown (five things to know about Goodwin via the team’s website). Can you see it?

What has Goodwin done since coming to the 49ers?

Goodwin has caught 9 balls for 127 yards on 19 targets at 14.1 yards per catch with a 50 yarder being his longest catch of the season. Note:  Seven of his catches have gone for first downs. However, he had no touchdowns and at least two key dropped passes that were instrumental in killing scoring drives and momentum.

The career recap by the numbers prior to joining the 49ers

Next up Aldrick Robinson:

Robinson, 5’10 and 187 lbs. The blazer was selected with the 178th pick in the 2011 draft by the Washington Redskins. Robinson, like Goodwin, was also a standout in track and field at Southern Methodist University, posting a 4.43 40-yard dash time at the scouting combine. Robinson possesses a compact, muscular build, delivers a quick first step and can get separation in man coverage very fluidly.

Robinson’s experience working with Shanahan not only in Atlanta, but also in Washington, was supposed to give the 49ers a player familiar with the scheme. How’s that working out? Coincidentally, Robinson had his best performance last season in 2016 against the 49ers, finishing with four catches for 111 yards in Week 15. Robinson’s production over his first four years completed in the NFL leading up to the 2017 season is as follows: (50 catches for 931 yards in 52 games and only (7) career touchdowns.

What has Robinson done since coming to the 49ers?

Robinson, in four games played, has caught six balls for 82 yards on 18 targets at 13.7 yards per catch with a 24 yarder being his longest catch of the season. Note: Robinson is averaging 20.5 yards per game,  and four of his catches have gone for first downs (via ESPN.com). However, he’s had no touchdowns and at least three key dropped passes that were instrumental in killing scoring drives and momentum. “Dejavu”.

Did you Notice?

What’s, even more, telling that out of four wide receivers who have caught passes Robinson, Goodwin, Pierre Garcon and Trent Taylor only have one touchdown pass between them, which solely belongs to Taylor. 

Marquise Goodwin and Aldrick Robinson have been Model’s of inconsistency

The 49ers new regime consisting of general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan release wide receivers Torrey Smith and Jeremey Kerley mainly because of the confidence level and trust they had in Goodwin and Robinson who they had pre-targeted to fit/having familiarity in Shanahan’s offense (Robinson) that is and the world-class track speed of (Goodwin) would be instrumental in creating separation and big plays within Shanahan’s offense. However, as aforementioned both have had key drops, much to be desired impactful plays or production on offense, and aren’t a threat to score touchdowns which is evident by their history and the 49ers’ offense only scoring 16.5 ppg which ranks 26th in the league in scoring (via NFL.com).

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