49ers: The Game Inside the Game, the Recap to the Recap

San Francisco 49ers defeated the L.A. Rams on Monday Night Football and pitched a shutout 28-0. Let’s take a moment to recap the Rams game, break down and assess more in-depth the game inside the game. 


The 49ers beat the L.A. Rams on Monday Night Football 28-0, their first shutout in a season opener in franchise history.  Let’s take a moment to recap the Rams game before we dive into the 49ers VS Panthers matchup, shall we? Ok, let’s go.

Highlighted offensive stats: third down conversion efficiency eight for 17—that’s 47 percent, and on fourth down one of two at a 50 percent efficiency rate. In the red zone, 49ers went four out of four at a whopping 100 efficiency rate while totaling 28 first downs as a team, via ESPN.com.

Important to also note: 49ers ran 77 plays, 14 total drives, and won the time of possession 32:10 to 27:50 Rams.

Highlighted defensive stats: the first shutout on opening night in franchise history, holding star running back Todd Gurley to 47 yards rushing on 17 carries a 2.8-yard average and held the Rams to 185 yards of total offense, and ten first downs.


Important to also note: 49ers force two turnovers by way of interceptions from the hands of all-pro linebacker NaVorrow Bowman and fellow linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong. Also, two sacks from Ahmad Brooks and Arik Armstead while forcing the Rams to punt ten times.

Staying grounded:

The 49ers beat a team in the Rams that were offensively challenged in the passing game as far as being inadequate in offensive creativity and did not have the legitimate weapons to threaten the 49ers deep. Therefore, making them an unformidable opponent, easy to handle, and game plan against while coming into the game one-dimensional organically.

Important to note: Case Keenum is 6′ 1″ with career games played of 16 before playing the 49ers on Monday night, and Tavon Austin is a 5′ 8″ gadget/slot/receiver/returner and has a career high of 52 catches in 2015.

Keenum as a career back up that lacks experience and the height to see over the line of scrimmage which affected throws and led to two turnovers.

Austin was an easy matchup with a lack of experience as a number one wide receiver and running the complete route tree, something the 49ers undoubtedly saw on tape. The advantage went to the 49ers, and the lack of a catch radius was apparent in the Rams game, something the 49ers didn’t have to defend the whole game.

Kenny Britt, who’s not a deep threat, combined with Austin, totaled eight catches for 80 yards.

Important to also note: 49ers offense in the third quarter was negative five yards until a first down and throw from Blaine Gabbert for 10-11 yards to Quinton Patton allowed the 49ers to end the quarter positive six yards going into the fourth quarter, which the 49ers up to that point had punted four times.

The 49ers ended up scoring around the 12-minute mark which was their third opportunity in the red zone, which they cashed in with a Vance McDonald touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert. In the end, a win is a win, and the 49ers will have to play better if they expect to beat the Panthers.

The offensive line played great but the Rams defense was on the field most of the game because their offense failed to sustain drives.

In closing, the 49ers did what they had and were supposed to do to beat a subpar team and win against a division opponent. 

Breakdowns on Blaine Gabbert’s play and individual highlighted defenders on defense were recently discussed on Niners Live.

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All records, statistics, and accolades are courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.com, Pro Football Focus,49ers.com, ESPN.com , NFL.com unless otherwise indicated.