49ers: Eric Reid Emulating Kam Chancellor’s role with “Extreme Violence.”

Niners live looks at strong safety Eric Reid’s new role within new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh’s 4-3 under scheme as he tries to emulate Seattle SeaHawks enforcer strong safety, Kam Chancellor’s role with “Extreme Violence”.


The San Francisco 49ers are trying to lay down a new foundation of not just winning, but also a defensive attitude and disposition we have come to know as “Extreme Violence”, per defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Who will be tasked to help lead this charge? None other than fifth-year safety Eric Reid, who is up for the task and is willing and able to wreak some extreme havoc at the line of scrimmage in his new Kam Chancellor role, while having ‘all gas – no brakes’ as he slides over from his previous free safety position into  strong safety. This is a more natural position for him based on his stature and chiseled physique. On the team’s website, Reid recently discussed being “made for this position ” courtesy of the new and lovely team reporter Keiana Martin.

Eric Reid spoke with confidence and conviction regarding his new role and the impact he could have as an in the box strong safety within this new 4-3 under defense:

“I love it,” Reid said. “Being around the ball more, I anticipate making more tackles and hopefully making more plays. I feel like I was made for this position with my body type being a bigger safety. So, I’m excited about this year.”

“I don’t do a lot of talking. I let my shoulder pads talk,” Reid said. “For someone else to get a big hit, it will make me want to get a big hit, and it will make the next person want to make a big play. It’s just infectious. To set that type of culture, it’s awesome.”

“I feel like I’m just using what God has blessed me with more, which is my size, being in the box and in the run game,” Reid added.

Robert Saleh echoed some of those sentiments and didn’t hold back on raving about Reid’s physical attributes and intangibles:

“Eric is unbelievable from a mental standpoint,” Saleh said. “He’s very smart, able to absorb a lot of information. He’s very long, very athletic. He’s strong. He’s capable of doing a lot of things down there in the box. I’m excited about Eric.”

Fellow teammate and current 49ers’ starting quarterback Brian Hoyer gave an endorsement of Reid’s new role from his lens having gone against Reid in OTA’s and mini-camp:

“You have players that can make plays,” Hoyer said. “Eric Reid is playing that (Seattle Seahawks Safety) Kam Chancellor role really well.”

Recapping Reid’s career stats at a glance

In his four-year career with the 49ers, Reid amassed 212 tackles, eight interceptions, two forced fumbles, one quarterback sack and 32 passes defended. Note: In just 10 games in 2016, Reid accounted for 742 snaps on defense before his season was cut short due to a season-ending biceps injury. Reid, for the most part, has been durable during his NFL career having started and played in a career 57 regular season games out of the possible 64 available (via ESPN.com).

Chancellor might be a tough act to follow

In the last few years Reid has been a hybrid safety, often playing as the deep center fielder at free safety. But he’s never had a banner called the no-fly zone or a reputation amongst the NFL community of leading or navigating a legion of boom, or known as a thumper or an enforcer/intimidator like Chancellor. Reid must prove he can hold up to playing in the box while demonstrating the ability to shed and disengage blocks more often than not. He must also prove he can take on offensive linemen, powerful lead blocking fullbacks, and in-line blocking tight ends while maintaining a strong physicality at the point of attack. This is something Chancellor has done well over his career.

Curveball alert:

Could safety Jaquiski Tartt aka “heat seeking missile” be better suited for the in the box Chancellor role?

ESPN’s Todd McShay weighed in on Tartt after the selection in the 2015 NFL draft.

“He’s really good versus the run. He gets in the box and drops the hammer,” McShay said.

Tartt attracted 18 NFL teams to his Samford pro day in March. During his week at the Senior Bowl, NFL Media analyst Charles Davis called him, “an absolute missile.” Haha, to be continued…

Bonus Niners live notes: The 49er fan base can only hope for upbeat optimism when it comes to this 2017 starting secondary tandem of free safety Jimmie Ward and strong safety Eric Reid, both of whom, for now, have a permanent home address that matches their skill sets. Hopefully, Reid can stay healthy and stay out of concussion-like symptoms and protocols moving forward.

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